The Adventure Begins

On Sunday, November 8, we left our home, our source of income, and our church family of eight years to embark on a journey. It's a journey of following Jesus, of seeking after His heart, of going where He's going. And for us, the journey just so happens to involve church planting.

So, how DO we plant a church? We don't know. We have much to learn, and lots of growing to do!

This past Sunday, we began an internship with ChurchWithU in Enterprise, Alabama. This wonderful church will be the hub for our training as we prepare to plant a church. We are excited about working alongside Pastor Eric Bradley and the wonderful folks at ChurchWithU

Here's Pastor Eric's message from last Sunday when he introduced us to the church. He and our brothers and sisters there have already begun pouring into our lives.


We are learning to trust our good, good God in ways we never have before, and He is bringing to the surface issues long-buried so He can skim off the bad and fine-tune the good. It is not always easy or pleasant, but we will come out more like Jesus on the other side, because we will have been with Him.

So, here we go! More updates to come.