Casa Nueva

by Bethany

Long time, no blog! We’ve been busy moving to our NEW PLACE! We affectionately refer to it as "Casa Nueva." A few cardboard boxes are still hanging around, but I’m now writing to you from where will be our home for the next 9 months to a year. 

We are so happy here! The house is cozy. The area is quiet and beautiful (we have about as many tractors drive by in a day as we do cars). The kids play on a playground I can see from my kitchen window. Best of all, the price allows us to live within our means and continue to save for the home downpayment we’ll need when we move to our plant city. This is truly a God-arranged situation worth the patience.

So many of YOU have played a part! Thank you so much for your prayers, and for being on the lookout for a place for us! 

In other news, God continues to program us for the future He has planned. He is bringing out patterns in us that shouldn’t be and replacing them with right ways of thinking. He’s giving us further insight about the vision, piece by piece. And we may even be getting some clues about the location. We shall see in time…

Just wanted to give you a quick update and let you know that we are still here! More to come in the next couple of days on what we’ve been learning. Thanks for coming along with us on this adventure!