Seeking His Face, Our Place

by Gunter

Wow! We are amazed at the support and encouragement we have received from so many people over the last few months! It is so empowering to know that you believe in us like you do. It's also empowering to know that when God's kids partner with Him, nothing is impossible! 

Last October, we answered our call to begin the process of planting a life-giving church. It has been one wild ride! We left our home, a steady income, and people that we loved dearly to embark on this journey. We didn't know where we were going when we left, and we're still not certain where we will end up! 

This morning, I read how Abraham stepped out in faith when He heard God's voice. "Go out from your land, your relatives, and your father's house to the land that I will show you" (Genesis 12:1). God is never obligated to explain Himself. Obedience always requires radical faith. Faith in God is trust. And trust is the fruit of intimacy. The more we really know Him, the more we trust Him. 

So, we find ourselves in Abraham's shoes, in a sense. We have stepped out. And day by day we are seeking His face, pressing in to hear His voice - to know His heart. And as we go, we wait. We move on with excitement and purpose but with a deepening awareness of God's purposes and His presence. We want clearer direction. We want our minds and hearts adjusted to how He thinks and feels so we will be right in step with Him on this journey. 

As a family, we are devoting this week to focused prayer concerning the location of the church plant. We sense the narrowing of desire and love towards a couple of places, but we really want to make the best decision with God on this.  

Will you pray with us this week? Pray for wisdom to be given to us as we make decisions that affect our family,  future generations, and people we've not even met yet. Pray for clear direction and confirmation in our hearts. Pray that we would have the discernment to sift through the opinions of others and our own. Pray that we would draw nearer to the Father this week.  

With all of our hearts, thank you for reading our blog posts. We are grateful for the financial support, the encouraging notes, texts and calls. Thank you for your faithfulness to pray for us. We are having a blast on this journey, and we're so glad you're along for the ride! 

Comment below if you're partnering with us in prayer this week!