Full Steam Ahead!

by Gunter

It's been a while since we updated everyone about our journey. No, we haven't fallen off the face of the earth, nor are we losing steam! We are making a lot of progress and have some exciting news to share! 

Two weeks ago, we attended a church planters' training intensive in Birmingham with the organization through which we are planting. It was a super-encouraging time of learning and meeting other church planters from around the nation. We connected with people, got a lot of phone numbers and received help in developing a practical plan to implement as we prepare for launch. 

While in Birmingham, we also completed the interview process where other pastors assessed us in the areas of our ministry, marriage and finances, to make sure we were prepared to deal with the weight that is associated with planting a church. (This is the event we've been looking toward for almost a year.) The exciting news is...WE PASSED! We got approved with a "strong yes" to move forward! We are so grateful for people who believe in us enough to equip us to live our "God dream."  

Coming off this mountain, we are believing more than ever that we can do this! But one thing is sure: we can't do it alone. We weren't meant to do it alone. We are so aware of our need for the Body of Christ to come alongside us and help. We have felt the prayers of those of you who faithfully lift us up to the Lord daily. Keep praying! We are so grateful for the financial gifts we regularly receive. Keep them coming! We will be beginning our fundraising efforts soon, so the more resources we have, the bigger the impact we will be able to make. 

It takes a huge amount of money to start a church. And your generosity will result in changed lives, restored marriages and transformed communities. 

The vision of the future we see is so much bigger than us. It's so much bigger than even what we can imagine! There's plenty of room for you to be a vital part of what God is doing. Would you consider joining us on the journey? 

Click here to find out how you can get involved.  

Stay tuned for more exciting news to come!