Our vision


We envision a church that creates spaces for people to encounter God, discover their identity, and fulfill their purpose.  


Encounter - We make room for god

  • We define encounters as those moments when God invades our present reality with an undeniable sense of His presence that helps us see Him more clearly, reveals our true identity, and propels us into our God-given purpose. 
  • Encounter is priority. To put it simply, we envision a people marked by the presence of God. 
  • We want to cultivate an atmosphere that welcomes God's presence among us. 
  • As a people who carry the presence of God, everywhere we go, we create spaces for people to meet God. 


Identity - we make room for people

  • We believe that encounters with God propel us into a deeper understanding of who we are created to be. 
  • We want to help people discover their identity and destiny and walk in it. 
  • Our primary identity is that of sons and daughters of the Father.
  • A person who discovers their true identity becomes a voice of reconciliation to their community and the world. 
  • Sons and Daughters carry the authority to demonstrate the Kingdom like Jesus did.   
  • Fathers and Mothers who are secure in their God-given identity are equipped to raise kids who are secure in their identity. 


purpose - we make room for more

  • Our purpose flows out of our identity. 
  • Every person is uniquely equipped to change the world by partnering with God. 
  • We believe this Good News can change individual hearts and lives, but also transforms communities, cities, and nations. 
  • A church that reaches people must love people in word and action. We want to be that kind of church. 
  • The heartbeat of this church is loving the unloved and reaching the unreached. 
  • Our desire is to pastor a church that reproduces itself by planting other churches.